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Hello Richard Wall here, thanks for taking a look at my page here on Radio Deeside, having retired from carting vinyl records and disco equipment around in my earlier years I found my passion for radio by helping out at BBC Radio Merseyside on the infamous “Hold your Plums” hosted by Billy Butler and Wally Scott.

That did it for me I was hooked or as Radio Deesides Barry Dale would say “you have radio in your blood Richard through and through” from then on a radio studio was my heaven.

Before community radio came along I dabbled in the theatrical world by helping out at the (now closed) Gateway Theatre in Chester and of course we all have to keep a roof over our heads so I found myself working in retail and to this day I still do but when I am not serving customers I spend time at home with my wife Jacqueline and our two cats who apparently are big fans of the Richard Wall show

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty I have long been a fan of the following,

Broadcasting in particular Radio

Music of the 60s, 70s and 80s and I occasionally drift back into the 50s or forward into the 90s

When it comes to music The Beatles, Buddy Holly, Elvis and Shakin Stevens are firm favorites of mine

The Eurovision Song Contest


Gerry Anderson TV Programmes

Sci-Fi and  in particular Dr Who


The Bradshaws

And of course not forgetting

Hold your Plums

So every Monday on Radio Deeside between 10 and midday you can catch my show, I start your new week with a mixture of everything from the list above, so if its nostalgia you are looking for then just before 10am make a brew sit down, relax and indulge in my Monday Musical Miscellany

For requests and dedications you can find me on facebook and follow me on twitter, and be rest assured that The Drs Sonic Screwdriver is always at hand to deal with any studio technical issues that may arise on Monday mornings.

Many thanks,

Richard Wall

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