The Cheese Cutters & Friends Radio Show

The Cheese Cutters & Friends Radio Show

Wednesday Evening 8-10pm

Repeated Saturday and Sunday 5-7pm

Forged out of true grit, hard sweat and a couple of beers, The Cheesecutters are an eclectic mix of Folk’n’Roll and all round fun.
Based in Holywell, Flintshire the band thrives on putting a smile on your face and getting the crowd going.  Whether it is at a festival or an intimate live venue, we aim to please the audience with a mix of crowd stomping music, bad jokes and a cheeky smile

Reviewed in “Cheese Taster Aficionado Magazine” – “The Cheesecutters are a cross between Chas’n’Dave and Mumford & Sons….with pies”

Ken Bruce, BBC Radio 2 once said “Cheese-graters?  Who? Stop stalking me Rob!”


Ted Palmer – Vocals, guitars, mandolin, ukulele and current Mayor of Holywell, Ted even wears his chain of office to open his mail.  Influences include; Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, The Beatles and Larry Grayson.

Joe Johnson – Vocals, guitars, ukulele, harmonica and ex-Mayor of Holywell, Joe enjoys nothing more than to wind up the rest of the band with his array of bad jokes and shtick. Influences include The Dubliners, Country music, The Waterboys and Bobby Crush.

Rob Saunders – Percussion, vocals and eight time champion on Radio 2’s Popmaster, Rob (the “eye candy” of the band) baffles the guys with his back beats, solos and sharp stares. Influences include James Taylor, AC DC, The Pogues and the Nolan Sisters.

Thomas Schultz – Bass & Acrobatics, Thomas hails from Germany and is influenced by Rock’n’Roll, Jazz and The Krankies

There you have it folks – a mayor, an ex-mayor and two nightmares – The Cheesecutters are available for your festival or event, or maybe pop round to yours for a brew.

“it’s all about the craic!”

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