Rob Saunders

About Rob Saunders

Having grown up with a passion for music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s eras, Rob’s ambition is to now bring memorable music by quality bands and artists worldwide back into the charts.

Taking his first steps into the music industry managing his friend’s band; Sungover, which resulted in them receiving BBC exposure across the UK as well as worldwide radio play, alongside a number of high profile gigs, the band decided to split whilst on the cusp of success, citing ‘musical differences’ as their reason.

Deciding not to put the vast array of music contacts he had found through Sungover to waste, Rob instead formed his own company; Deuce Management & Promotion.

Motivated to set the company up through his own experience of meeting various people within the industry who ‘promised the world but would not deliver’, and PR companies charging extorniate amounts of money with no guarantees of exposure for the artists, Rob went on to devise a promotion plan for bands and artists worldwide that guaranteed exposure for them, all at an affordable rate.

By seeking out radio presenters and stations who had a genuine interest in new/independent music, the chances of airplay for acts promoted by Deuce Management & Promotion was increased.  In addition to this, the launch of the highly popular weekly Deuce Radio Show ensured all Deuce Acts would receive regular exposure on over 30 radio stations worldwide.

As well as radio play, Rob also worked tirelessly to find various other opportunities for bands and artists to receive exposure by collaborating with licensing companies, festivals, record labels and a number of music venues across the UK which he regularly advertised.

In December 2014, Rob closed Deuce Management & Promotion and allowed himself a break from the music industry.  Now refreshed, he has relaunched his company, but this time under the new title DEUCE where he will be putting in his time and efforts once again to enable new and independent music to be heard by the masses!

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