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Public File

Deeside (Wales) Community Media


Mission Statement

Radio Deeside strives to create a high quality local media platform for our viewers and listeners; targeted audiences for our advertisers; and to attract, develop and sustain an efficient and highly productive group of community media professionals.

Radio Deeside is a “not for profit” organisation seeking a form of charity status, delivering local community media for the community, made by the community.

Our mission is:

To provide a high quality, informative local media platform to our viewers and listeners in Deeside and North East Wales.

To provide the highest quality marketing solutions, results and customer service for potential advertisers, who in turn will help to sustain the service we provide to Deeside and Greater Flintshire.

To be ambassadors of goodwill in all the markets we serve by promoting the social, retail and economic growth and development of Deeside and North East Wales.

To provide a professional and goal oriented working environment for our volunteers and contributors, to facilitate their growth as community media professionals and leaders for Deeside and North East Wales.

To preserve, develop and promote the traditions and prominence of local media platforms in a community focused environment across Deeside and North East Wales.

We believe that local media is an integral part of the community we serve, and it is our duty to serve the best interests of all the people across our community.

Equality and Diversity also needs to be high on our agenda for both our volunteers and the community we serve.

For further details contact,



The nature of our community radio service?

A community orientated, local information & features “on-line radio station” supplemented by popular and specialist music programmes.

In time with regular international and national news bulletins (externally supplied) again in time local news and sport live / pre-recorded magazimne programmes.


Because we are all volunteers we dont report or present any news, either local, national or international, news is very much a specialist area that should only be undertaken and delivered by a proffessional journalist or someone of a similar naturę.

However we do have NEWS in our expansion plans as detailed below,

National. and International News

We can look to subscribe to something like SKY Radio News (IRN) or FSN London bulletins.

Local News

Although we already recieve local news from various feeds and we then deliver that news within our visual on-line content we dont for the same reasons as above deliver local news within our audio content at this present moment of time.

However we can look to provide such content in a number of ways in the future as detailed below.

1, With the help of a local news paper we could produce local daily bulletins.

2, A tie up with a local talking news paper for the visualy impared would be very fruitful for both organisations.

News can be divided into two catorgries that of “hard news” and that of “feel good factor news”

The hard news needs to be produced and presented by proffessionals and in particular National and International news.

For local news even such items as bus service cuts need to be deliverd in an in-partial way so as the report or bulletin remains within the legal frameworks.

Moving on our “tag line”

TO CELEBRATE AND PROMOTE DEESIDE AND NORTH EAST WALES alows us to make such local content a part of our output both on-line and on air.

An example would be the opening of a new day cente or the completion of a new seating area in a local park and of course such things as fund raising by local charities for good causes etc.


We need to expand on sport but keep within the same frameworks we have for news.

We want to take a keen interest in local sport with Wrexham and Chester City football clubs on the agenda along with the Deeside Dragons Ice Hocky team and all the news from the local sports teams.


This can be split into four categories

Automated Programing

Deliverd from our play out system such as overnights or when the studio is not manned in the daytime.

For example

A mix of music, trails and promos etc when the studio is un-manned and no recorded programing is scheduled.

Live Local Programing

Locally produced and presented from The The Studios

Deeside Leisure Centre

Chester Road West





Or on location within the locality

For example

Loose Ladies

Wednesday and Sunday


Impact Żonę

Tuesdays and Thursday


The Ministry of Round



Saturday evenings

The Barron Soul Show


Sunday Mornings

Gospel Breakfast


Recorded Local Programing

Deliverd from our play out system in the studio.

For example

Daniel Pearce Show

Saturday and Sunday


Recorded Regional or National Programing

Deliverd from our play out system in the studio.

For example


Coast to Coast Country and the LA Connection


Ofcom Localness Guidelines and the BBC

We are not regulated by ofcom or the BBC, however to ensure we maintain broadcasting standards we look to both ofcom and BBC standards to maintain our service for example,

Station Format


We are fully licenced for copyright and public performance.

Music Policy

Popular (50s 60s 70s 80s 90s plus) mixed with today music.

Specialist music programmes inclusive of the following,



Northern Soul



Disco and Dance







Station Contact Details


Barry Dugdale


Lynne Chick



Contact: Number 01244 818629

Email address:

Events/charities support or coverage

Radio Deeside supports various charities within the area, including

Wales Air Ambulance

Flintshire Deaf Childrens Society

Aston Park Rangers Junior Football Team

North Wales Superkids

Past events include,

Connahs Quay Festival 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015

Garden City Fun Day

Willow Park Fun Day

FDCS Fun Day

Connahs Quay River Festival

If you would like Radio Deeside to publicise or appear at your charity event then please email the details

Recent Highlights

We recently re-united members of a family who made a request to us late one Sunday afternoon to find relatives of a very poorly member of the family and by late evening we had put those people in touch.

Radio Deeside

Working in the Community with,

Flintshire County Council

Deeside Leisure Centre

WAG Communities First

Connahs Quay Town Council

Flint MVC

Denbigh MVC

Flint Lifeboat

Quay Watermans Association

ASDA Queensferry


radio ppl

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