Barry Dale


Barry used to host the popular Sunday evening request show “Music and Mentions”and his 70s Show “Afternoon Delight” these days Barry works behind the scenes keeping things together day to day on Radio Deeside. However he has not given the Microphone up for good as he can still be heard covering other presenters from time (and in radio that is called “swing”) but he has been known to swing those hips from time to time to his love of the music of the 70s and disco etc.
Getting into his love of popular music in the late 60s and early 70s Barry soon took a keen interest in radio and in particular the pop pirates of both decades to name but a few.
Radio Caroline
Radio London
Radio Nordsea International
and then came the land based pirates,
Radio Jackie
Radio Merseywaves and of course MAR
Whilst all this was going on commercial radio in the UK was gathering speed and such stations as Radio City Liverpool were changing the face of radio in the UK.

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