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  • Discover Flintshire aerial promotional video
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 Video By Nick Edwards

 2019 The Year of Discovery

In 2019 we celebrate a Year of Discovery and we’re inviting visitors to explore what makes us uniquely Wales: the things you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

During 2019 we will

  • further explore the three core themes to date – Year of Adventure, Year of Legends and Year of the Sea – focusing on our core strengths: adventure, culture and landscape
  • bring the themes together; to build multi-layered views of Wales, where these strengths coexist; and where – in places such as North Wales with its world-first adventure, World Heritage culture and outstanding natural landscape – these combine to make up our country’s unique message to the world.
  • create distinctive, memorable experiences in each of these areas, alongside the fundamentals of food and drink and great hospitality.


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